Monday, March 20, 2006

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Video of the landing

Video of the landing of GlobalFlyer will be available shortly on the K-State at Salina GlobalFlyer Website.

Images of the landing

Official Distance

The distance for this flight was 21,979.8 nautical miles. This is approximately 25,320 statute miles, which exceeds the previous record set by Voyager, which was 24,986 statute miles.

Exiting the plane

Steve has just exited the GlobalFlyer.

Answer: What is the simulated flight doing?

We had a question regarding Brad Amstutz, the K-State fight instructor who simulated the GlobalFlyer flight, and his progress.

Brad had a good landing at 8:45. He was ahead of GlobalFlyer by about 20 minutes.

Steve has landed

Steve has landed!!!

Cleared for landing

Steve has been cleared to land. He is about 8 miles outside of Salina.

Contact with the tower

Steve has contacted the tower.

Steve is slowing down.

Steve has slowed down to 90 knots.

Lat: N38.57372
Long: W97.57276
Altitude: 3,514 feet
Speed: 90 knots
Heading: 337.80°
Elapsed Time

Steve has passed McPherson, KS.

Steve has passed McPherson, KS and is rapidly approaching Salina.

Cleared for the approach into Salina

Steve has been cleared for the GPS 35 approach into Salina.

Steve has passed Newton, KS.

Steve has passed Newton Kansas and is beginning to turn due North

Steve is between Wichita and Newton Kansas

Steve is now between Wichita and Newton Kansas

Lat: N38.03239
Long: W97.49325
Altitude: 9866 feet
Groundspeed: 134 knots
Heading: 14.10°
Elapsed Time

Steve is now heading North

Steve is now beginning to head North

Lat: N37.87492
Long: W97.54326
Altitude: 12415 ft
Speed: 138 kt
Heading: 14.20°
Elapsed Time

Steve passes Wichita

Steve has passed Wichita.

Altitude: 14,512 feet
Groundspeed: 162 knots

Steve nears Wichita

Steve is about 15 minutes Southwest of Wichita

Altitude: 20,862 feet
Groundspeed: 184 knots

Back to Kansas!

Steve has just crossed back into Kansas!

Altitude: 25,969 ft
Speed: 255 kt Elapsed
Time 73:31

Answer: Watch His Landing!

We have received many questions asking if the GlobalFlyer's Landing can be seen on TV.
The answer is YES; the Fox News Channel will be broadcasting his landing. Don't miss!

Arrival Party is Gathering

Mrs. Fossett and several of Steve's friends are now gathering in Mission Control. They will soon be moving out to the runway to view the landing.

Due to the low cloud ceiling, Steve will not likely do a flyby of the field.

Answer: Coldest Temperature

Question: What is the coldest temperature Steve encountered during flight?

The coldest temperature he encountered is -79 degrees Celsius over equator (-79C is -110F).

Answer: Not greatest "time"

Question: If Steve is going for the longest distance closed circuit, why doesn't he fly closer to minimum fuel, sweeping north and south toward Salina for the greatest time and distance result?

The FAA regulation says that minimum of 45 min flight fuel should be reserved. Since the GlobalFlyer can have limited fuel quantity and will have only 5 % left when he lands at Salina, he cannot extend the distance more.

Position Update

Steve is nearing Amarillo, Texas.

Lat: N34.661
Long: W102.607
Altitude: 51,032 feet
Speed: 251 kt
Heading: 52.40°
Elapsed Time: 72:39

Position Update

Steve is now over New Mexico and will soon be over Texas again.

Lat: N33.748
Long: W104.008
Altitude: 51,587 feet
Speed: 248 kt
Heading: 51.60°
Elapsed Time: 72:17

Arrival Update

Steve's arrival back to Salina is now expected to be between 8:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. (local CST).

Back in the States!

Steve has just crossed back into the United States.

He crossed the border at El Paso.

Lat: N31.740
Long: W106.344
Altitude: 51,199 feet
Speed: 237 kt
Heading: 34.10°
Elapsed Time: 71:36

Fuel Update

According to Jon Karkow, Steve currently has 1200 lbs. of fuel remaining and expects to have approximately 800 lbs. left at landing.

Press Conference

There will be a Press Conference in the K-State at Salina Conference Room approximately 30 minutes after the landing of the GlobalFlyer. The conference room is located on the main floor of the K-State at Salina College Center.

Flight Progress

Steve has crossed Baja, Mexico, the Gulf of California, Hermosillo, Mexico, and will enter the US near El Paso, Texas. The GlobalFlyer is cruising around 51,000 feet with an outside air temperature of -63° C. The flight continues to go smoothly.

Steve's estimated time of arrival (ETA) is this morning at 9:01 a.m. (local CST). Currently, the weather in Salina includes winds from the North at about 10 miles per hour. Temperature is 0° C. with 10 miles of visibility and a thin overcast. Weather is not expected to be a factor for the scheduled landing.

K-State at Salina's Brad Amstutz is progressing well with his GlobalFlyer simulation. He has had about two and a half hours of sleep since takeoff on Tuesday. The simulated flight is currently behind Steve's actual flight path by about 1,000 miles. Brad was ahead, but after backtracking, Steve's actual groundspeed was faster than predicted which has placed the simulation behind the actual flight.

Hurrying Home

Steve is now over mainland Mexico!

Lat: N28.932
Long: W111.522
Altitude: 51,394 feet
Speed: 256 kt
Heading: 69.00°
Elapsed Time: 70:19

Crossing Baja

Steve is quickly approaching Baja, Mexico. He will be crossing the peninsula right at the southern edge of the Gulf of California.

Lat: N27.278
Long: W115.194
Altitude: 51,010 feet
Speed: 260 kt
Heading: 53.80°
Elapsed Time: 69:30

What makes K-State at Salina unique?

K-State at Salina has small classes and hands-on experience:

Enrollment in first-year English and speech courses are limited to 22 students. The average class size is 25. The biggest class offered on campus has a total of 40 students. Student/faculty ratio is approximately 16:1. Professors teach 100 percent of the classes. No graduate assistants are used. Students begin their hands-on education the very first semester. Private pilot students begin flying the second week of school.

K-State at Salina's Cat Cannon

Since 2000, the Cat Cannon, a contraption built by mechanical engineering technology students at the Salina campus, blasts T-shirts into the stands during K-State home football games.

Pat talks to Steve from Mission Control

Everything is going smoothly.

Lat: N25.16655
Long: W118.34666
Altitude: 50882 ft
Speed: 242 kt
Heading: 52.00°
Elapsed Time: 68:38

Mission Control receives a treat

A K-State at Salina student surprises Mission Control with Krispy Kremes and hot chocolate!
Thanks Weston!!

K-State at Salina's Student Organizations

Intramural Sports
Alpha Eta Rho
Flight Team
High Powered Rocketry Club
Wildcat Warriors (ROTC)
Women In Aviation International
Organization of Aviation Technology Students (OATS)
Association of Computing Machinery Club (ACM)
Baja Club
Cat Cannon Club
Concrete Canoe
Institute of Electronics Engineering (IEEE)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Solar Boat Club
Judicial Board
Student Governing Association (SGA)
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
Amateur Radio Club
K-State Gamers Board (KGB)
Anime Club
SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise)
On The Record
Phi Delta Theta
Linux Users Group (kslug)
SGA Community Service and Activities Committee

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Steve reaches landfall in about 3 hours

Everything is going well in Mission Control. Students are getting excited for Steve's return!
Go Steve, Go!

Lat: N21.99602
Long: W122.67777
Altitude: 51172ft
Speed: 239 kt
Heading: 50.70°
Elapsed Time67:21

Answer: Steve's Future Plans

Several viewers have asked what Steve's future record breaking attempts might be. That is a question only Steve might be able to answer. Sorry we didn't have more information for you.

Answer: GlobalFlyer's Dimensions?

This entry is for the 2nd grade class at Cottonwood Elementary in Salina, Kansas.

The Web Update Team appreciates your question and we hope you have enjoyed watching Steve travel around the world. Keep studying, dreaming, and believing. Maybe someday you can fly an extraordinary plane like GlobalFlyer! We hope you will be able to watch Steve's landing!

Some facts and figures:

Wing Span: 114ft
Wing Area: 400ft squared
Length: 44.1ft
Height: 13.3ft
Gross Weight: 22,000 lbs
Empty Weight: 3,350 lbs

Visit this website to find additional information about the plane:

Pilot in training

This is a photo from Germany, Steve's special fan!

K-State at Salina - GlobalFlyer Ver.2

K-State at Salina - GlobalFlyer Ver.2

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