Friday, March 17, 2006

Flight Progress

Steve has crossed Baja, Mexico, the Gulf of California, Hermosillo, Mexico, and will enter the US near El Paso, Texas. The GlobalFlyer is cruising around 51,000 feet with an outside air temperature of -63° C. The flight continues to go smoothly.

Steve's estimated time of arrival (ETA) is this morning at 9:01 a.m. (local CST). Currently, the weather in Salina includes winds from the North at about 10 miles per hour. Temperature is 0° C. with 10 miles of visibility and a thin overcast. Weather is not expected to be a factor for the scheduled landing.

K-State at Salina's Brad Amstutz is progressing well with his GlobalFlyer simulation. He has had about two and a half hours of sleep since takeoff on Tuesday. The simulated flight is currently behind Steve's actual flight path by about 1,000 miles. Brad was ahead, but after backtracking, Steve's actual groundspeed was faster than predicted which has placed the simulation behind the actual flight.